Do you consider protein bars “clean”

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I’ve tried their other product which are these smaller little cupcake style things… they’re actually pretty damn tasty

The company makes a bunch of high protein cake-style products and I’ve been impressed with all of them

But, if you really want something that blows your mind, you should try these protein cookies by Hold Da Sugar (

They are INSANE… however… I’m kind of skeptical of their nutrition labeling because the sum of the macros is WAY below the serving size weight… which is odd.

In other words, if you add up the Fat + Protein + Carb amounts per cookie, it’s something like 30g (for some of them)… BUT… the actual weight of the cookie ends up being like 65g (or more)… which means over half of the weight of the product is non-nutritive… which makes zero sense… the cookies are very dense and don’t really contain any fillers which would take up that much of the total weight… so I dunno what to make of that

But you will NOT find a better protein cookie, anywhere..

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