Reached my goal; nutrition question!

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Dude you probably feel like s*** because of what you put your body through in four weeks time. No, artificial sweeteners and stuff will not pack on fat. I’m just kind of astonished at what I’m reading though. 3-4 protein bars a day? Eat real food. Those are supposed to be just for a quick snack or if you need something quick after maybe a workout, not a meal. Three protein bars equals like 600 calories, thats like 2/5 your calories for the day according to your post.

My suggestion;

Get Diet on track. Eat real food instead of quick snacks if possible.

Continue to track your macros and calories. If you’re looking to stay where you are weight wise, move to a maintenance level calorie intake.

Lay off the illegal/non-natty stuff.

Are you training for a contest or something? Almost two hours worth of working out a day seems a little much. I’m just not surprised you felt like crap because you worked out really hard and ate very unhealthy.

Lastly, only way you will gain weight is if you eat more calories than you use up. I drink diet sodas occasionally and use splenda in my coffee and I have dropped off my bodyfat still.

Just my opinion dude. Congrats on accomplishing your goal.

why my diet was like **** no mate this was my diet DURING the 4 weeks:

On wakeup: I do fasted cardio in the sun for 35 to 45 minutes (walk 1min / run 4mins)

Meal 1: 4 whole eggs steamed, zucchini, carrots, onion

Meal 2: protein bar 30g protein, 4g carb, 3g fat

Workout lift weights 45 mins + cardio 15mins running

Meal 3: 250g steamed okra, 200g grilled chicken, 150g carrots and zucchini, onions 100g

Last meal 4: 250g basa fish steamed, 100g cottage cheese, onions, lettuce, cherry tomatoes.

I was not taking any diet sodas, no artifical sweeteners for that time

I went from 20 percent to 9 percent in 36 days.

Cardio is 6x per weeks fasted, lifting 5x per week, 1 day off from all.

Now i reached my goal so its okay to eat more protein bars, drink diet sodas because i did not refeed until now and i want to smell my life a bit..

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