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I’m no pro. I just want a simple whip dispenser to make frilly coffee. That being said, if I can also use it to make soda, nice whip designs, etc. in the future or MAYBE even to make a hot foam for experimental home cooking, that would be cool. But basic good whip (cream or coconut or whatever) on coffee and strawberries is really what I’m looking for.

My concern is reading about how some lady died from the N2O shooting out like a bullet. And apparently, there have been many injuries. I know it’s a rare chance but a lot of whip canisters have plastic elements and I’m just confused.

From what I can tell ISI is the best and trustworthy but it’s quite expensive. That cost is doable but the ISI N2O chargers are really expensive and I don’t know if it’s “safe” to use other chargers with ISI? Or if it’s compatible?

ICO Pro seems like a good brand and takes any cartridge, but then this review says “the cartridge holder is not that sturdy and might break if used improperly” which worries me about it’s safety, and then worries me about any canister’s safety really.

Any advice?

Edit: I’d prefer to not make whip in a bowl as some people have suggested to me.

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